GET Bike Jump Starter

GET Bike Jump Starter

Product Description

A Must have tool for the Motocross Toolbox with get you out of trouble having a dead battery after pulling the bike out the van. 

Works and is safe to use on Fuel injected 4 Sroke motocross bikes even with Lithium Batteries

GET JumpStarter is a multifunctional mini starter which allows you to restart any motorbike and scooter (including watercrafts and small boats) when they’re out of battery.

Light and compact, JumpStarter has a LED torch included and it can also be used as a Power Bank for your electric devices thanks to the USB output port 5V/2,4 A which allows you to connect it to tablets, smartphones, MP3 etc.

JumpStarter is extremely easy and safe to use as it is provided with special protection against overvoltage and inversion of its power supply polarity. With JumpStarter nothing will ever stop your ride again!


GET Jump Starter


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A full description of this product will be completed shortly.

A full specification of this product will be completed shortly.