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Motocross Dyno Power Runs

Wondering how much power your motorcycle has? Want to compare the motorcycle power to a friend's motorcycle? Need advice on how to get more performance from the motorcycle engine? You need a Power Run!

A power run comprises of:

  • Maximum BHP (Brake Horse Power) graph
  • Fuelling graph
  • Comparison to similar motorcycles
  • Professional advice on current performance and tuning options
  • Maximum BHP (Brake Horse Power) graph

This is a graph that shows the power performance in BHP that the motorcycles is putting down at the back wheel. The graph produced on our motorcycle dyno will let our technicians see exactly where you could get more power gains.

Fuelling graph

This graph shows what the current fuel to air ratio is on the current set up. Our technicians will be able to show you where your motorcycle is running to lean or rich at each rev range. By studying this graph you will be able to get a better idea of which performance upgrades will benefit your motorcycle best.

Comparison to similar motorcycles

Once we have run your motorcycle on our Dynopro Dynamometer we can compare the motorcycle performance and tuning to a motorcycle of the same make and model. This will aid us in advising the best tuning and performance parts for the motorcycle and give you an idea of the performance increase you will get from each type of performance part.

Professional advice

Our trained Dynapro technicians will look at the performance output from your motorcycle and put into plain English which tuning options and products will improve performance



Here we explain about the dyno and its uses, not only in performance motorcycle tuning of all 2 & 4-stroke Motocross bikes but also as a servicing and diagnostic tool. This enables us to accurately set-up and tune any machine from 50cc - 1000cc






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