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Decided that you'd like to send in a cylinder head for a service or perhaps you have another issue that you'd like to get a quote for?

You may find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our cylinder head services a useful read before choosing a service below.

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Send a cylinder head for a Service / Repair / Tuning

1. Download our 4 Stroke Cylinder Head specialist form - download now

Cylinder head service request form
Download form

This can be filled in online - the fields in red must be completed, but please provide as much information on the work required as possible.  Save the completed form, ready to upload.  You will also need to print a copy of the form to enclose with the package you are sending.

2. Information on how to pack and ship your cylinder heads and as well as answers on how we quote you, how to pay and our turnaround times can all be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page (opens in a new window).

3. Now submit the service request form by clicking on the link below.


I'd like a quote or some advice on another matter

If you'd like to enquire about another of our services, please submit a query below and we'll get back to you!