Fuel Injection Set Up

Custom Fuelling Map Details

A map provided by After Maket ECU's is 90% accurate (at best) to your motorcycle set up. A custom fuelling map made on our motorcycle / Motocross dyno is 100% accurate to your specific motorcycle. This means you get the best power gains and fuelling ratios for your performance parts and set up.

A custom fuelling map consists of:

  • Before and after graph
  • Bespoke 100% tuned fuel map
  • Professional advice on current performance
  • Comparison to similar motorcycles and set ups
  • Before and after graph
  • Before we create a custom tuned fuelling map we will do a power run. This is then compared to the finished power output. This will clearly show how much of an improvement a custom map for the motorcycle has produced.

Bespoke 100% tuned fuel map

We will run the motorcycle on our dyno multiple times, tuning the fuel to air ratio map at each rev range, tweaking, tuning and squeezing every single HP and lb of torque from the motorcycle. Making sure that every last bit of power and throttle response has been developed from your motorcycle.

Professional advice

MX Zone Dyno trained technicians will show you the power they have managed to produce, and explain the best route to take to get even more power from your motorcycle.

Comparison to similar motorcycles

Now with the tuned map and power graph, you will be shown other motorcycles with a similar set up. This will let you see how the motorcycle compares and give you an idea of expected power gains from other tuning services and performance parts.

Custom Fuelling graph


Single Cylinder Fuel Injection Custom Mapping £240.00

Multi Cylinder Fuel Injection Custom Mapping £320.00