Cylinder Head Valve Seat Replacement

Valve Seat Replacement

The valve seat is the surface that the intake and exhaust valves sit on when the valves are closed.  The valve seat is a critical component in the combustion process, if the valve is not seating correctly it can cause combustion gasses to leak, reducing compression.  As well as this important operation the valve seat also serves to transfer heat away from the valves into the cylinder head.

Over time, a valve seat can become worn, which can reduce its effectiveness and lead to a loss of compression.  If we are unable to Cut the seat due to the extent of the wear we can remove it and fit a new valve seat insert. We manufacture our own valve seat inserts to suit, using blanks.  If the valve seat is cast into the cylinder head we are able to machine it out using an IDL and then manufacture seats to fit.

Valve seat replacement is also an important part of converting engines to run on unleaded fuel.

When doing a conversion you have to replace the exhaust seats with a harder wearing material due to the increase of temperature during the combustion process.

We are able to obtain valve seats in a range of sizes which we can machine to fit almost any Bike.

We use the most advanced SERDI equipment to cut valve seats and to machine out old seats.

We offer standard steel OEM style seats or Beryllium Copper valve seats for high performance cylinder head applications.Valve seat replacement

Beryllium Copper Valve Seats

MXZONE can install Beryllium Copper valve seats. These valve seats have excellent thermal qualities with enough hardness to keep the valve seat from pounding out. This helps extend the life of titanium valves and transfers heat more efficiently than stock valve seats.

The combination of bronze beryllium valve seats and full porting will give you a head that performs at the level of a factory team motor.

If you are just looking to repair damaged or cracked valve seats on your cylinder head, give us a call for an estimate.

  • More POWER!
  • Longer valve life
  • Optimized port flow
  • Custom valve seat angles
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Optimized seat profile design
  • Custom port to seat profile

Costs For Valve Seats Fitted


OEM Style Steel Seats Fitted £75.00 (3 Angle Valve Job Included)


Copper Beryllium Seat Fitted £95.00 (3 Angle Valve Job Included)

Beryllium copper valve seats


Call the Machine Shop for more information of Valve seat replacement for your Cylinder head

we can offer price reduction for more than 4 seats fitted 

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