Cylinder Head Skimming (Decking)

Cylinder Head Skimming

If an engine has overheated or blown a head gasket the cylinder head can become distorted. If this is the case we are able to resurface or skim the cylinder head to bring it back into tolerance and create the perfect sealing finish.

In modern engines the cylinder head finish should be within 10 microns, this is because most modern engines use a steel laminate head gasket, called a MLS gasket i.e. ‘multi layered shim’.  These gaskets provide a stronger body plate and help conduction between block and cylinder head, this helps stabilise thermal expansion and contraction, thus reducing stress.

Since the MLS gasket material is unforgiving, any flaws in the surface finish of the cylinder head can lead to premature gasket failure. In our well equipped workshop we are able to obtain the correct surface finish using our precision equipment and years of experience.

As well as a head becoming distorted it can also become corroded over time which may necessitate a skim.  If a gasket has blown it may leave a mark on the surface of the head which may require skimming.

Cylinder Head Decking

This Process is used when taking material off a cylinder head to add compression to the Engine when Tuning a Bike . We are happy to carry out any desired Deck Height for your Engine building needs.

Cylinder head skimming  

Single Cylinder £60.00

Multi Cylinder £90.00


Head skimming before  Head skimming after